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I figured that I would do a survey with my friends this week on Auto Insurance, so I asked them, “What is your MAIN concern about your Auto Insurance?” Although I got different answers… Prices, Coverages, one even told me that she doesn’t completely understand her Auto Insurance Policy, so I took it apon myself to explain it to her. She is paying every month for it, the least I could do was help her learn to understand. And that’s when I had my “AHA!” moment.. Instead of going through a “Direct Company”, why not go through an “Agency” instead. You will get a lot more than just a computerized voice over the phone, telling you what prompts to dial, you won’t be on hold for who knows how long.. You can talk to the SAME person EVERY time you call.. The list goes on and on.. Here is an article for you to look over and it will show you some other “Perks” of having an Agent instead of a Direct Company alone..

Follow This Link: https://www.lelandwest.com/why-use-an-independent-insurance-agent.cfm